Calgary, Alberta Ride-In Screening of You Never Bike Alone: 28 June 2008

You Never Bike Alone is having a screening in the beating black heart of Canada's oil "patch", Calgary.

The Dreamy Bike Ride 2008 is the debut event of a new Calgary organization, The Bike Tree Collective. It'll take the form of a night ride through Calgary, ending in Riley Park for the free film screening.

Show time: Saturday 28th June, 10pm.
The Place: Meet at the Olympic Rings in Eau Claire Plaza. Bring your bike, and lots of friends! After a leisurely bike ride through the downtown and Riverside area, bikers will ride to Riley Park to watch the film.

Eau Claire Plaza, Calgary, AB
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Riley Park, Calgary, AB
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There will be some short films showing with the film. There will also be a vegan bake sale, refreshments, and free popcorn!

The Bike Tree Collective can be reached for more details or a full interview at, or by phoning our representative, Samantha Treea, at 403.461.7299.

More information at the Alberta Environmental website