BBC Audience Vote Bike "Greatest Invention of the Century"

What's the greatest invention man has bestowed on this planet? Television, the microchip or computer, satelites and space travel...? Apparently, none of the above: but something much simpler, according to listeners of the BBC Radio 4 (the talkie intellectual Beeb station).

From the hundreds of listeners' nominations and together with five experts, voting was opened on a final 10. Here are the results...

59.4% - Bicycle
7.8% - Transistor
7.8% - Electro-magnetic induction ring
6.3% - Computer
4.6% - Germ theory of infection
4.5% - Radio
4.0% - Internet
3.4% - Internal Combustion Engine
1.1% - Nuclear Power
1.1% - Communications satellite

Listen to the programme.