Following the discussion about the planned C$3 billion road-building program.

Greater Vancouver Bike Shops

You can get the You Never Bike Alone DVD at these bike and bike-friendly shops in the Greater Vancouver area. You can also buy the DVD online.

bikes inside

If you are in Vancouver this weekend this has to be checked out....

Video: a slip in time

A cycling reverie from Vancouver, Canada.

People Sports - Bike Polo

Bike polo is like horse polo. It's played with mallets and you ride around trying to hit a ball (tennis ball or heavier polo ball) into a net.

Cyclist becomes 22nd fatality on Vancouver's streets this year

Friday's Critical Mass was overshadowed by the news that morning that a cyclist was killed on Clark Drive. The cyclist was hit by a semi-trailer truck and died before reaching hospital.

Video: Italy Wins - Car Free Commercial Drive II

It took months of organisation to put on the Car-Free Commercial Drive Festival. When Italy won the World Cup it took minutes for the street to fill, from 1st to Venables,

Vancouver Critical Mass - June 2006

What a ride! Bike Month Critical Mass 2006 was getting up near the 2000 riders mark.

2000+5 Wheel Ride Documentary Short

I put together a short doc (6 mins) of last year's 2000+5 Wheel Ride, using exclusively footage shot from the ride, for a screening in June at the Bike Movie Night.

Bridges of Vancouver, Canada: The No.2 Road Bridge in Richmond

The No.2 Road Bridge in Richmond

This low-level four-lane bridge

Bridges of Vancouver, Canada: RAV Bridge

The RAV Bridge

Controversy hounded the $1.9 billion plus Canada Line

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