Following the discussion about the planned C$3 billion road-building program.

Bridges of Vancouver, Canada: Granville Bridge

Granville Bridge

Is it because it is eight lanes wide

Bridges of Vancouver, Canada: Lions Gate Bridge

Lions Gate Bridge

In the Nineties, BEST's Richard Campbell organised several “Tame the Lions” rides

Bridges of Vancouver, Canada: Cambie Bridge

Cambie Bridge

The shared pedestrian-cyclist sidewalk

June Is Bike Month In Vancouver - 2006

This article originally appeared in Common Ground

The decision by the newly elected NPA council to kill the Burrard bridge lane reallocation trial in December was a major setback for cycling in Vancouver. It was a missed opportunity

Kevin Falcon To Announce Gateway Project

Kevin Falcon, BC Minister of Transportation, has said he will lay out his plans for the Gateway Project  on 31 January when he gives a keynote address at the Vancouver Hyatt Hotel as part of BC Chamber of Commerce's 2-day Transportation Summit.

Vancouver Bike Month Preview 2003

"Get on it!" That’s the message of Bike Month 2003, which features organised and disorganised rides, workshops, bike block parties, happenings and cycle fests throughout June. The mood will be fun, inclusive, creative, festive and occasionally a tad anarchic. The aim: to get more pedal-pushers out there, whether that be to reduce the amount of trips to work made by Single Occupancy Vehicles (SOVs) or to simply have a good time.

There is no lack of activities for all levels and ages. "The list of events is getting longer every year," says Richard Campbell of Better Environmentally Sound Transport (BEST), the organisation behind the annual extravaganza.

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