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Cyclist becomes 22nd fatality on Vancouver's streets this year

Friday's Critical Mass was overshadowed by the news that morning that a cyclist was killed on Clark Drive. The cyclist was hit by a semi-trailer truck and died before reaching hospital.

"We're Not A Gateway, We're A Doormat"

Delta Council are not happy with the Gateway Project.

Price of Canadian Oil

The Canadian oil sands are exacting a heavy toll on local populations and the environment

Vancouver Critical Mass - June 2006

What a ride! Bike Month Critical Mass 2006 was getting up near the 2000 riders mark.

World Naked Bike Ride 2006 well covered

Lots of coverage of the World Naked Bike Ride this year...

2000+5 Wheel Ride Documentary Short

I put together a short doc (6 mins) of last year's 2000+5 Wheel Ride, using exclusively footage shot from the ride, for a screening in June at the Bike Movie Night.

Human-powered Circumnavigator of the Earth Coming Back to Vancouver

When Colin Angus rolls into Vancouver on 20th May he is destined to become the first person in history to circle the globe using only human power.

Future of Oil

Every now and then we hear that the era of cheap oil is over. But what is the definition of "cheap" and when is it "over"? I don't have the answers to these questions, but in the last year I can see that there are many more cyclists on the roads and it probably isn't just because there's new bike lanes opening. If oil keeps going up, change will happen... quickly.

Oil is in the mid $60 range as I write - what will it be like when/if it hits $100? Putting aside the important environmental arguments for a moment, where is the tipping point?

In September 2005, CIBC World Markets said it expects to see $100 a barrel of oil "sooner rather than later." It predicts that oil prices will average $93 a barrel in 2007, and hit $100 a barrel by the end of the year. Can we sustain that?

Roads Gone Wild

I just picked up an old Wired magazine from Dec 2004 that was lying around and discovered this article I can't believe I didn't read the first time round.

BBC Audience Vote Bike "Greatest Invention of the Century"

What's the greatest invention man has bestowed on this planet? Television, the microchip or computer, satelites and space travel...? Apparently, none of the above: but something much simpler, according to listeners of the BBC Radio 4 (the talkie intellectual Beeb station).

From the hundreds of listeners' nominations and together with five experts, voting was opened on a final 10. Here are the results...

59.4% - Bicycle
7.8% - Transistor
7.8% - Electro-magnetic induction ring
6.3% - Computer
4.6% - Germ theory of infection
4.5% - Radio
4.0% - Internet
3.4% - Internal Combustion Engine

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