Carbusters Movie Review

"I laughed, I cried. I felt stronger and more optimistic about our chances after watching You Never Bike Alone." Carbusters magazine.

A copy of Carbusters issue 31 just landed on my door mat. It carries a review of You Never Bike Alone on page 27, with the pull-quote above.

Robert Zverina writes:

"Robert Alstead's documentary about Critical Mass rides in Vancouver, Canada is the best film about the intersection of bicycle culture and civic involvement since Ted White's landmark film Return of the Scorcher (which, incidentally, gave Critical Mass its name).

Both filmmakers have a knack for capturing the humility and righteousness of citizen activists whose simple actions have far-reaching ramifications for the good of society.

Beyond practical information about successful campaigning (of which there is plenty), YNBA is distinguished by its visual and lyric sensitivity.

If you're upset with social and cycling conditions in your town but don't know where to begin to change things, watch this with a friend and take notes. It will provide ample creative inspiration for everyone from anarchists to urban planners and cyclists of every stripe."

Carbusters is published in Prague, Czech Republic.