Video: Italy Wins - Car Free Commercial Drive II

It took months of organisation to put on the Car-Free Commercial Drive Festival. When Italy won the World Cup it took minutes for the street to fill, from 1st to Venables, with a throbbing mass of humanity. After most World Cup games, parts of the Drive shut down as fans spilled out of cafes and into the street waving flags and singing. But this was the biggest street party of the tournament on the Drive, the victors in the World Cup final being local favourites in this Italian neighbourhood.

The celebrations went on into the night. Fans found a new use for those big metal boxes that clutter the sidewalk...

Watch Commercial Drive World Cup Video

They should have made the street car-free until the next morning, because once they cleared the road of fans jumping around (after many hours), the fans came in their cars which led to the Drive being bumper to bumper with idling cars tooting their horns incessantly and fans running down between them high fiving the occupants. Getting a pint of milk on my bike was a major obstacle course.