You Never Bike Alone Movie Reviews

The Tyee Review of You Never Bike Alone

There's a review just out today in popular local ezine The Tyee. Dorothy Woodend writes:

"Less Gas, More Ass.
'You Never Bike Alone' suggests a new, bike-based world order."

Art Threat Review

Art Threat chose You Never Bike Alone as its Film of the Week at the end of July.

Uptown Magazine (Winnipeg) Movie Review

Uptown Magazine in Winnipeg posted a four-star review of You Never Bike Alone in its latest edition. Incidentally, Winnipeg Film Festival was my first choice for premiering the film. Winnipeg's Critical Mass had experienced some highly publicised arrests and a general hardening of attitudes towards critical mass which is referred to in the movie review.

The Vancouver Courier Review of You Never Bike Alone

(18 Jan: Updated link) Barry Link, features editor and columnist at The Vancouver Courier, was at the Moving Pictures Film Festival screening of You Never Bike Alone on Saturday. He's written a review, which sounds like it was something of a conversion for him in the way he sees cyclists who take part in these rides.

YNBA gets "Thumbs Up" from Casket Cinema

Mark Wojahn organised a screening at Casket cinema in Minneapolis, Minnesota of You Never Bike Alone. Here's our first organiser's review from the Brave New Theaters network:

Carbusters Movie Review

"I laughed, I cried. I felt stronger and more optimistic about our chances after watching You Never Bike Alone." Carbusters magazine.

Momentum Magazine Review

The latest issue of Momentum Magazine - the local publication "for self-propelled people" - has a short review of You Never Bike Alone.

The Globe and Mail review

The Globe and Mail today carries a round-up of films at Moving Pictures Film Festival, with a paragraph on You Never Bike Alone.

Rob Howatson writes, "The most controversial film in the lineup

The Vancouver Sun review of You Never Bike Alone

The Vancouver Sun gave over almost a whole page of its Westcoast Life section today to review You Never Bike Alone.

Review by Reg Harkema

Reg Harkema, director of award-winning drama Monkey Warfare, was in Vancouver to promote the opening of his film. He braved the snow storm for the opening of You Never Bike Alone and writes about it on his blog. Here's the bit with his take on the film:

"Checked out this movie about the history of the Vancouver Critical Mass on Sunday. What could have potentially been a self-indulgent, nepotistic wank was actually a very thoughtfully constructed doc about a wide range of characters changing the urban landscape of Vancouver..."

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