New Film! Running On Climate

The lengths that scientists will go to highlight the danger of runaway climate change is the subject of a new documentary by Vancouver-based productions.


After decades of watching their increasingly dire warnings about climate change go unheeded, scientists have been forced increasingly more into the realm of politics.

Some are following the lead of former NASA climate scientist James Hansen who was arrested outside the White House.

Dr Andrew Weaver, a renowned climate scientist from the University of Victoria, British Columbia, wants to create change from the inside.

He is running for a political party that has never won a seat in its 30 year history.

With science leading the way, Running On Climate shows how individuals are organizing and acting locally to help prevent global catastrophe.

"An exhilarating portrait of a grass roots political campaign from the moment of its origin."
The Georgia Straight, Vancouver

“The film is by Robert Alstead, who until recently wrote about movies for Common Ground magazine, and took a chance that Weaver would be an interesting story when he rode his bike over to Victoria and started filming. He’s captured a dynamic campaigner and an up-beat guy... 4 out of 5.” - Vancouver Observer

“The film addresses environmental concerns not just as a tale of woe and doom but of hope and the pursuit of change from the roots up.” Planet Experts

“At the core of this film is hope and determination. Hope that Canadians will take climate change seriously so that we can start solving the problem, and the determination to get science a seat in parliament.” The Peak