Uptown Magazine (Winnipeg) Movie Review

Uptown Magazine in Winnipeg posted a four-star review of You Never Bike Alone in its latest edition. Incidentally, Winnipeg Film Festival was my first choice for premiering the film. Winnipeg's Critical Mass had experienced some highly publicised arrests and a general hardening of attitudes towards critical mass which is referred to in the movie review.

Video: Vancouver Critical Mass, June 2010

The sights and sounds of cyclists on the monthly Critical Mass ride in Vancouver, Canada. Shot on the 25th June 2010 ride, during Bike Month in Vancouver, the video features one long take of the whole ride from beginning to end.

28 Aug-2 Sept, 2010: Winnipeg Cinematheque Screenings of You Never Bike Alone

You Never Bike Alone rolls into Winnipeg for four screenings.

The Vancouver Courier Review of You Never Bike Alone

(18 Jan: Updated link) Barry Link, features editor and columnist at The Vancouver Courier, was at the Moving Pictures Film Festival screening of You Never Bike Alone on Saturday. He's written a review, which sounds like it was something of a conversion for him in the way he sees cyclists who take part in these rides.

6 September, 2009: Museum of Vancouver Screening

The Museum of Vancouver is going to close its excellent Velo-City exhibition with a double-bill screening of You Never Bike Alone and Portland documentary feature Veer.

31 Aug, 2009: Atlanta Screening of You Never Bike Alone

Eyedrum Art and Music centre in Atlanta, capital of the state of Georgia, is hosting a screening of You Never Bike Alone at the end of this month.

Mississippi Mills Screening: 23 June, 2009

Mississippi Mills, Ontario, is holding a screening of You Never Bike Alone as part of its Bike Month festivities.

Edmonton Screening: 26 May, 2009

Join the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters for a screening in its BikeWorks space with free organic popcorn and beverages.

YNBA gets "Thumbs Up" from Casket Cinema

Mark Wojahn organised a screening at Casket cinema in Minneapolis, Minnesota of You Never Bike Alone. Here's our first organiser's review from the Brave New Theaters network:

Minneapolis, Minnesota Screening: 25 February, 2009

Casket Cinema, a Minneapolis underground micro-cinema, is having a screening of You Never Bike Alone. You can find details at Brave New Theaters and its Facebook Group (see below).

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