The Vancouver Courier Review of You Never Bike Alone

(18 Jan: Updated link) Barry Link, features editor and columnist at The Vancouver Courier, was at the Moving Pictures Film Festival screening of You Never Bike Alone on Saturday. He's written a review, which sounds like it was something of a conversion for him in the way he sees cyclists who take part in these rides.

He focuses on some on the controversial aspects of Critical Mass covered in the film, but talks about how the film changed his view about Critical Mass and its participants:

"...the sight of those hundreds of bikes gliding in an unending column across the Burrard Bridge is a beautiful sight to see."

"...a compelling and intelligent film. Deftly edited and covering a lot of ground in 80 minutes, it maintains an entertaining pace while examining and celebrating Vancouver's bicycle activists, with the Critical Mass movement at the centre of it.

To his credit, he recognizes the controversy involved with Critical Mass and other bicycle radicals."

Read the article and a response to the Vancouver Courier feature by a Critical Mass regular, Russell Adams.