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Watch You Never Bike Alone Online

You Never Bike Alone is now available on Reelhouse to rent or buy as an online stream or a DVD.

You Never Bike Alone is also available on DVD at our store on Reelhouse.

New Film! Running On Climate

The lengths that scientists will go to highlight the danger of runaway climate change is the subject of a new documentary by Vancouver-based productions.


Greater Vancouver Bike Shops

You can get the You Never Bike Alone DVD at these bike and bike-friendly shops in the Greater Vancouver area. You can also buy the DVD online.

Video: Vancouver Critical Mass, June 2010

The sights and sounds of cyclists on the monthly Critical Mass ride in Vancouver, Canada. Shot on the 25th June 2010 ride, during Bike Month in Vancouver, the video features one long take of the whole ride from beginning to end.

You Never Bike Alone joins Brave New Theaters network

You Never Bike Alone is now part of the Brave New Theaters network.

About You Never Bike Alone - the Movie

You Never Bike Alone is an 82 minute documentary, available online and on DVD, looking at how cyclists are building critical mass in Vancouver, Canada, and changing the face of the city. It is the story of how a social movement grows and the people behind it.

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You Never Bike Alone - brief synopsis

Feel free to cut and paste this copy to pass on to others who might be interested in the film.

The Filmmakers

You Never Bike Alone is produced, written, directed and edited by journalist Robert Alstead for ICYCLE.CA Productions Ltd.


The eclectic soundtrack on You Never Bike Alone brings together rhythmic, ambient electronica from Hungary, surf music out of the Netherlands, deep dub from Poland and Denmark, and reggae beats and ska by Vancouver's own Roots Roundup and Dubfreque.

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