Uptown Magazine (Winnipeg) Movie Review

Uptown Magazine in Winnipeg posted a four-star review of You Never Bike Alone in its latest edition. Incidentally, Winnipeg Film Festival was my first choice for premiering the film. Winnipeg's Critical Mass had experienced some highly publicised arrests and a general hardening of attitudes towards critical mass which is referred to in the movie review.

This state of affairs would have provided a great backdrop for the issues raised in the film. Unfortunately, the film wasn't accepted. Maybe it was the form it was in then - which was a rough cut. Or the issues didn't appeal to the selecting committee. So instead of taking the movie to Winnipeg, we brought a bit of Winnipeg to the film premiere at the Rio in East Vancouver.

And the film is now having 4 Winnipeg screenings.

Kenton Smith writes in the review that "this is an engaging documentary, showcasing a diversity of opinion within bike culture itself — while simultaneously advocating for that same culture."

Uptown Magazine movie review.